Sportist manufactures a broad range of high quality workwears such as coats, raincoats, work vests, warning vests, jackets, gilets, jumpers, overalls, suits, trousers, aprons, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, Polo shirts and etc.

Uniforms worn by factory workers, industrial manufacturing workers, construction workers, transportation and logistics workers, food process workers, hospitality sector employees and any other workers who work for a wide-ranging line of businesses can have multiple goals. They need to give people wearing them a sense of pride, make them confident they are protected from environmental hazards, and also prevent them contaminating the materials they work with.

Tailored to your needs..

Everything we do is tailored to our customer needs. They rely on us to take complete responsibility for their workwear, meaning space and time is freed up so they can concentrate on growing their business, while we produce and deliver textile products that they can be proud of.